This collection of articles is the fourth in a series titled Acta Architecturae Naturalis and includes papers that could be summarised under the general title of landscape architecture and spatial planning. All articles have been submitted for the EFLA Regional Congress of Landscape Architecture “Mind the Gap. Landscapes for a New Era” in Tallinn Nov 2-4, 2011*. Thus, this number is the first issue of the conference proceedings from 2011 and there are more to come. Apparently, since then the time has moved on and the research and our scientific perspectives have developed or transformed as well. However, these articles are a representation of a certain time and place, but their subjects and research directions are still relevant and up-to-date. At large, all articles of this collection focus on landscape values, various ways of analysing the landscape, both in urban and rural context, and search for better means and tools to deal with landscapes in the process of planning and design. For instance, the articles discuss how to transform knowledge from historic and traditional landscapes to contemporary planning and design in order to solve current issues of society, or how cultural and protected landscapes can inform the landscapes of present and future, or how the identity and image of a place and historic values can be transformed due to changes of lifestyle and attitudes of people, or how to use hidden spaces to plan and design places, or views, that many people would prefer to admire in landscapes or being on the road, or how various landscape parameters and their combinations can inspire and contribute to future visions of urban landscapes. This collection of articles provides diverse set of examples and knowledge from landscapes of Portugal, Czech Republic, Philippines, Spain, Latvia, Poland and Estonia. Presumably, this knowledge creates some inspiration and motivation to be adjusted in the work and mindset of built environment professionals and colleagues of similar professions alike. 

Published: 2018-08-10