Digitalisation of Dendrological Assessments Dendroloogilise hindamise digiteerimine

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Heiki Kalberg


There are more than four hundred old parks under conservation in Estonia and the determination of their maintenance and their reconstruction has been accepted as an activity to be consistently supported by the state. Th e activities related to old parks can roughly be divided into historical research, assessments of the current situation, incl. dendrological assessments of the stands of trees, determining the recommendations for maintenance and/or reconstruction, reconstruction and/or maintenance.

This article deals with the topic of dendrological assessments in context of historical parks and primarily its optimisation by the utilisation of a simple information technology application, which could help to reduce working hours about 1.75 times. It would also systemise data and make it signifi cantly easier to use the data in the future. Th e article provides a short survey of the information technological solutions that have been developed and their application possibilities. The authors of the solution are landscape architects Heiki Kalberg and Sulev Nurme, with Tanel Breede making a great contribution in testing the application. For more information on the development of the application’s background system and solutions, see the article titled “Simple, but therefore clever idea - an eff ective dendrological inventory process for landscape architecture and design projects” which appeared in 2013.

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