Colour in Place Memory. Names and Emotions in the Memoirs of Supilinn and Kontula Värvid kohamälus. Nimed ja emotsioonid Supilinna ja Kontula mälestustes

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Anu Sarv (Haamer)


Why is it that some places are recorded in people’s memories as colourful and filled with symbolism, and possess a special emotional meaning for us? At the same time, there are places in people’s lives that are almost forgotten, or about which only individual facts describing the dispassionate surroundings are recalled?  Undoubtedly, the differences in the memory pictures are caused by many psychological, social, political and other factors. Regardless of the abundance of details or the emotional charge, questions arise related to memory pictures, of whether the focus, diversity or laconic nature of these pictures may result, among other things, from the structure and nature of the environments in which the memories have originated? 

This article tries to unravel this issue, by examining various memory documents that include descriptions of different urban environments, where the writers of these memoires have lived at one time. In this case, the differences in the methods for recollecting two different environments are based on the fact that the relationship with the environment enabled by them is different. 

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